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Turkey’s Election: Bomb attacks against Kurdish HDP
Two bombs exploded in the Kurdish HDP-elections rally in Diyarbakir where several hundred thousands joined. Over 200 people have been injured and the number of deaths is increasing. HDP calls to EU and international communities to act responsible...

Turkey’s Election: Bomb attacks against Kurdish HDP

by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 5 June 2015 - Middle East Diplomatic (MED) - Two bombs exploded in Kurdish city Diyarbakir where   several hundred thousands people joined in pro-Kurdish Peoples Democratic Party (HDP)`s elections campaign. Many hundred people have been injured and the number of deaths is increasing. The Diyarbekir bomb attacks, which happened just two days before elections day is the latest series of terror and violence attacks against the HDP since the election  campaign started two months ago.

Speaking to MED Diplomatic, Eyyup Doru, HDP-EU Representative told that since the beginning of the electoral campaign, more than 100 different places including HDP offices, party headquarters, cars, members and volunteers have been attacked.

Doru stated that the aim of all violence, terror and massacres against their party is try to create chaos to stop election. Mr. Doru call to European Union, Council of Europe, US and international communities to use their power over Turkey to put an end to the violation and terror just before Sunday elections.

Kurdish National Congress (KNK) also calls upon the public and all international institutions to put pressure to Turkish state to stopp the attacks against the Kurdish people and representatives within the election process.

Speaking to the tv-channels and media, HDP Co-President Selahattin Demirtas, Kurdish KONGRA GEL Co-President Remzi Kartal, Executive Council member of Kurdish KCK Zübeyir Aydar and Mayor of Diyarbakir Mrs Gultan Kisanak condemned the terror attacks strongly, but they warned Kurds in Turkey, Kurdistan and in Europe to be careful, keep calm, act with discipline and common sense to not use any violence as reactions against terror and massacres. Kurdish leaders and institutions called to Kurds to go to vote in 7 June despite all provocations and terror.

HDP Diyarbakir Parliamentarian Candidate and Member of the Imrali-Ocalan Committee İdris Baluken accused Prime Minister Davutoğlu and President Erdoğan as responsible due to the statements against HDP they have been making recently days and weeks. Yesterday, several hundred civilian fascist attacked the HDP rally in city Erzurum where ten of peoples have been injured.

In statement, HDP-EU Representation underlined that since the beginning of the electoral campaign, over 100 different attacks was carried out against HDP offices, party headquarters, cars, members and volunteers:

“The violence against the HDP members and offices intensifies as the Election Day becomes nearer. After the bomb attacks in our Mersin and Adana offices on May 18th, many major attacks took place so far. On 3rd of June during an armed attack in Bingöl on a minivan used for the electoral campaign, the driver Hamdullah Öğe was brutally killed. On 4th of June just before the electoral public meeting of our party in Erzurum, a crowd attacked a minivan on which there was HDP flags and set the minivan in fire while the driver was inside. The driver was seriously injured. None of those who are responsible for these serious attacks were brought before justice. The attackers enjoy full impunity provided by the AKP.

All these attacks and many other violations raise serious concerns about the transparency and fairness of the elections. We call once again on International and European institutions to closely monitor the elections. We also call on the justice to shed light on these dark events”.

Video-BBC NEWS: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-33025916


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