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ISIS and its supporters to be sent to court for crimes
Kobani conference in EU Parliament: Isis criminals and its supporter states have to be sent to the international court for crimes against humanity. Turkey should open its border for humanitarian aid corridor to Kurds.

ISIS and its supporters to be sent to court for crimes

by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 1 July 2015 - Middle East Diplomatic (MED) - The final declaration of the Kobani conference hosted by EU Parliament today calls to UN, EU and the international community to bring the isis/daesh/al qaida / al-nusra criminal gangs and their state/governmental supporters to international court for crimes against humanity.

The conference delegates also asked Turkey to open its border and insure the necessary conditions for humanitarian aid to be delivered to those in need in Kobani and other parts of Kurdish region in Syria (Rojava).  

The Kobani conference in the EU Parliament raised high attention and big interest: Members from different political groups in the EU Parliament and over 40 European and international NGOs and humanitarian organisations attended the event. The President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz send a video message to the conference delegates, while EU External Service was represented by Head of EEAS Middle East Division Director Vassilis Bontosoglou.

In his video message, President Schulz told that “I am honoured to welcome to all participants from EU institutions and international organisations which would like to build Kobani  destroyed by isis terror organisation”.

The conference titled "International Mobilisation for Rebuilding Kobanê" aimed to rebuild the city as symbol for humanity. The international NGO’s, humanitarian aid organisations, members and representatives of different political groups in the parliament and EU Commission/EEAS offered and promised more support to Kobani and Rojava.

EU Head of EEAS Middle East Division Director Vassilis Bontosoglou told that the human rights abuses committed by Da`esh are increasing, both in number of victims and in atrocity. He mentioned the recent crime the last few days alone, where more than 200 persons, mainly civilians, were killed in Kobani during one of the worse terrorist attacks committed by Da`esh on Syrian soil. “Our deepest condolences go to the families of the victims. Once again, the intention of Da`esh is clear from its action – Da`esh wishes to seize as much territory as it can, achieve self-sustainability and expand its brutal rule” said Bontosoglou

Mr. Bontosoglou underlined that for more than 4 months till end of January 2015, “the city of Kobanê was under the siege of those terrorists. Fighting was fierce and unbalanced: terrorists had managed to transfer to Kobanê a considerable volume of force and considerable amounts of sophisticated and heavy equipment captured after the fall of Mosul in particular. On the other side, few hundreds local fighters and volunteers rely only on small arms but great courage. They defended their city street by street, house by house, with limited international support. This is how Kobanê became a symbol of local resistance against Da`esh`s rule of terror and oppression. We need to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for this cause”.

Turkey receive money from EU for Kobani

EEAS Middle East Division Director told also that Turkish government receiving money also fro KObani refuge and he asked Turkey to do the necessary for the opining of the official borders for the medical emergencies. The return to normality (trade etc.) will largely depend on the status of the border between Turkey and Kobane.

Mr. Bontosoglou continue:“During the first days of the Kobanê crisis, the European Commission adopted an emergency decision of 3.9 M to provide urgent humanitarian aid to the people who had found refuge in Turkey. We commend the Turkish Government for providing life-saving assistance and refuge to those who were forced to leave Kobanê. It is of utmost importance that official border crossings remain open for medical emergencies. The return to normality (trade etc.) will largely depend on the status of the border between Turkey and Kobane.

As illustrated by the most recent terrorist attack against in Kobanê, security and protection remain a serious concern. Demining Kobanê is also a crucial condition for the launch of humanitarian and reconstruction activities across the board. The European Commission Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid (DG ECHO) and other services are currently mobilizing significant resources to support such operations.

Those operations, implemented in coordination with the city administration, will send a clear signal that the EU is consistent with its commitment to support the restoration of basic services and the return to normality in Kobani as well as any other areas of reduced violence in Syria”.

The President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz send a video message to the conference;


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