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Kurds ask NATO for support against ISIS
While NATO was discussing the security threats surrounding Turkey, Kurdish politicians and activists gathered in front of the EU Parliament in Brussels to ask NATO-US-EU to support Kurds in the fight against ISIS terrorists.

Kurds ask NATO for support against ISIS

by Roni Alasor and Lorin Sarkisian

Brussels, 28 July 2015 - Middle East Diplomatic (MED) - While NATO was discussing the security situation threatening Turkey, Kurdish politicians and activists gathered in front of the European Parliament in Brussels to ask NATO-US-EU for more support for Kurds in the fight against ISIS terrorists.

In an open air press conference in Place Luxembourg, Zübeyir Aydar, member of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Committee, said that “If NATO and West support Turkey, this will actually mean support to the terrorist Daesh. Everyone knows that Turkey is one of the main supporters of Islamic terrorists / Daesh. It’s not the Turkish state which is under attack, but our Kurdish people and other ethnical and religious minorities in Middle East which is living under heavy terror and massacres”.

“NATO-US-EU should ask themselves why Turkey started right now war against the only active forces against ISIS terror on the ground, namely the Kurdish fighters, and this happens exactly at a moment when ISIS is in weaken, losing position”,  stressed Zübeyir Aydar.

The Kurdish politician concluded that, instead of helping Turkey, the international community should force Ankara to pay the price for the crimes committed against the humanity in the Middle East.

Commenting on the peace process between Kurds and the Turkish state, Mr Aydar underlined that Kurds did not declare any war against Turkey: “The Kurdish forces are in defence position against heavy Turkish air strikes, artillery and mass arrests. We are ready to continue the peace process from the stage, when it was interrupted. It is in the interest of the Western countries and international community to support the peace negotiations and to help Turkey advance in order to achieve peace, democracy, freedom and stability in the whole Middle East”.

Representatives of other Kurdish organisations, Belgians, Armenians, Syriac-Assurian and other communities also held speeches as support to the Kurdish peace process and Kurdish war against Daesh.

Among the participants in the gathering and the press conference were: Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), The Peoples` Democratic Party (HDP), Ezidi Federation, Belgian Inter Parliamentary Work Group in Belgium, Coordination Stop the War against Kurds, Democrat Armenians in Belgium / European Syriac Union / Solidarity committee with Rojava, Assurian Institute, Kurdish Institute, Info-Turk, Kurdish youths YXK, Kurdish Ezidi Federeation, Socialist Women in Belgian, Immigrants Collective group in Belgium.


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