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Belgian senators call for support to Kurdistan Region
Following a visit to Kurdistan Region, Belgian senators from different political parties called for military, humanitarian and political support of the international community to KRG. (Photo: KRG)

Belgian senators call for support to Kurdistan Region

by Lorin Sarkisian  / Roni Alasor

Brussels, 18 September 2015 - Middle East Diplomatic (MED) - Kurdistan Region deserves military, humanitarian and political support of the international community, concluded senators Alain DESTEXHE (MR), Sonja CLAES (CD&V) and Pol VAN DEN DRIESSCHE (N-VA) following their visit to Kurdistan and meetings with President Massoud Barzani and different ministers and parliamentarians.

The Belgian senators also spent some hours on the front line with Kurdish military forces Peshmergas, just some kilometers from Moussul. They could observe that the airstrikes against Daesh are effective, but not sufficient in combating the terrorist group. Being the only forces on the ground, the Pershmerga need better equipment and training, while for the moment the weapon deliveries are delayed by Bagdad, say the senators in their mission communiqué.

The senators also discussed the situation of 300 000 refugees from Syria and1.5 million internally displaced Iraqi people in Kurdistan who represent an economic, humanitarian and social burden for the whole Kurdistan region.

Upon their return to Belgium, the senators will transmit the requests of President Barzani and the Kurdish authorities to the Belgian federal government and to the European institutions, namely direct military and logistics support to the Kurdish Pershmerga forces and not via Bagdad; humanitarian help for the refugees and internally displaced people; intensified relations between Belgium and KRG.

The Belgian delegation was accompanied by Head of KRG Mission to the EU Delaver Ajgeiy who underlined the importance of such visits contributing for cooperation in mutual interests.


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