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EU Parliament’s Ezidi Friendship Group launched
European Parliament’s Ezidi Friendship Group has been launched in Brussels in the presence of UN Ambassador Ms Nadia Mourad and Members of the EU Parliament. Large scale support for Êzidi-Kurds is growing.

EU Parliament’s Êzidi Friendship Group launched

by Roni Alasor / Lorin Sarkisian

Brussels, 12 October 2016 - Middle East Diplomatic (MED) - European Parliament’s Êzidi Friendship Group has been launched in Brussels today in the presence of UN Kurdish-Êzdi Ambassador Ms Nadia Mourad and many Members of the EU Parliament. Large scale support for Êzidi-Kurds is growing from all political groups.

The EU-Êzidi Friendship Group was inaugurated in the European Parliament with official reception and exhibition of Roja Resh (Black Day). More than 100 people attended the event

In his opening remarks, Austrian Member of the European Parliament Joseph Weidenholzer, initiator of the EU-Êzidi Friendship Group, underlined the importance of international support and solidarity with the Êzidi community: The Êzidi’s voice, as one of the most victimized minorities today, should be heard in the world. Those who are responsible for the crimes against Êzidis, the war criminals from ISIS, should be judged by international court for crimes against humanity.

Talking to MED-Diplomatic, Mr. Weidenholzer said that the interest and understanding for the Êzidis is growing among the Members of the Parliament and many join the Friendship Group.

Nadia Mourad, UN Goodwill Ambassador (with Kurdish Êzdi origin), thanked the EU and Members of the European Parliament for their support, which is crucial for the Êzidi community in the current dramatic situation: Êzidis have suffered many hundreds of years and lately endured the worst of suffering from ISIS barbaric criminals and their supporters. The solidarity of the international community with our people is life important for all of us.

Members of the European Parliament from different political groups encouraged the Êzidis to seek international law protection in order to preserve this ancient community, its traditions and way of living. The world has to open its eyes and help in this horrible situation to ensure peace and safety for Êzidi community in its own land, said the European Parliamentarians.



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